Episode 10: Renette Dallas, N.D.

13 Careers and Counting — How Did Dr. Dallas Do It All?

Running up the hills by her grandparents’ place in Alabama started an illustrious if almost unbelievable career for Renette Dallas, N.D. — aka “Dr. Dallas.”

She’s a naturopath who has earned a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering, competed in bodybuilding competitions, joined the U.S. Air Force, become a certified fitness trainer, earned a doctorate in naturopathy, studied raw food preparation, and become a motivational speaker and author. It’s hard to believe one woman managed to fit this all into one lifetime — and she’s still going! Not even a diagnosis of tuberculosis could keep her down. And no, we’re not making this up. Find out how she managed to do it all on this episode of SheVentures.


Key Moments

  • 03:56 Find out who influenced Renette Dallas the most in her childhood, and how that impacted her many careers in the future.
  • 08:31 — “You grew up thinking that the boys are going to be good at math and the girls are going to be good at home economics.” Dallas discusses gender disparity in education and how it’s almost subliminally conveyed to us as we grow up.
  • 14:47 Dallas discusses how the best person to be in competition with is yourself.
  • 17:58 Discover how Dallas dealt with competing in the bodybuilding world, which was often swarmed with steroids.
  • 22:53 A 45-day trip to Korea turned into a yearlong one and resulted in a serious medical condition that forced Dallas to leave the military. Curious?
  • 27:44 Find out how switching to a plant-based diet seemed to cure Dallas of her illness.
  • 30:31 The military brings people from all walks of life together in the most wonderful way, according to Dallas. Find out more.
  • 36:00 It’s never about a cooking session; it’s about a teaching session on how the human body works.” Dallas talks about her latest venture into teaching better eating habits to others.
  • 44:57 Dallas reveals where she sees her product, True Pop, going into 2019.

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