Episode 77: Ashley Clark

From Banker to FinLit Game(r)

financial literacy games ashley clark

Sometimes, the best business ideas are right in front of you. That was the case for Ashley Clark, who pivoted from being a banker to an entrepreneur and creator of old-school board games and flashcards that teach financial literacy — going against the current trend of online gaming with six-figure success during a pandemic.

A decade as a banker underscored that too many people didn’t understand their own finances. Clark began to write down common customer questions — using this as her initial “market research.” Next was her tough focus group: her children. Her passion for teaching people about money flourished, and today Clark is CEO and founder of Sense 2 Cents, a financial literacy–based games company.

Sense 2 Cents aims to take the chore out of learning and foster a solid financial foundation by making the flashcards and board games a family activity, in which parents can learn alongside their children. Clark has also developed active communities on Instagram and Facebook.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing: Three months into starting this venture, Clark was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and, being so ill, she understandably wanted to quit. Advice from her entrepreneurial mom helped her stay focused, and now she has tips for those starting their own business.

On this episode of SheVentures, discover why financial literacy is so important in establishing generational wealth in under-served communities, what financial institutions can do to help, and Clark’s top tips for success.