Episode 62: Lynn Power

Tips on How to Build a Hair-Care Brand With Lynn Power

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After more than 25 years as CEO of advertising giant J. Walter Thompson’s American division, an alleged scandal involving her boss during the #MeToo movement began to monopolize Lynn Power’s time. As a result, she began wilting in her role, which was no longer about creativity, rather crisis. 

The pivot into starting her own strategic consulting firm, The HMS Beagle, was a natural one, but Power didn’t stop there.

Masami, a premium vegan hair-care line, was born from 10 years of research on her business partner’s behalf. Now, having recently launched the product, Power and her partner want to give back to the ocean from which they source their ingredients with their own fund: The Masami Institute, which will help research rebalancing the aquatic ecosystem off of Japan.

Listen as Power delves into the sexism inherent in advertising and how the industry has changed over the years thanks in part to the #MeToo movement. 

Bonus: Power includes a wealth of tips for small businesses (including free apps!) on this episode of SheVentures.

Tips on How to Build a Hair-Care Brand With Lynn Power Episode 62: Lynn Power

Episode 62: Lynn Power