Episode 51: Linda Wittich

Be a #SalesBoss

Linda Wittich


This woman won more than $100 million in sales for Broadridge — a company that offers financial advisors a platform to connect with their clients — so when it comes to the industry, Linda Wittich knows a thing or two. 

With her pivot to industry giant IBM, Wittich embraced AI — and advised fintech startups that brought this technology to the forefront of financial services, a major pivot for the industry as well.

Today, Wittich, founder of Top Line Focus, acts as both a consultant and an advisor to the fintech sector.

Discover how she navigated these male-dominated fields, what made her an effective sales leader, and the inside scoop on the 2008 financial crisis, on this episode of SheVentures.

Key Moments

3:33 — This was the moment in Wittich’s 30s that revealed the gender imbalance in her field. 

5:55 — Wittich was among the first group of women in financial services to help women speak up in the workplace.

7.33 — Listen as Wittich gives her top tips on managing a sales force, and how to recognize a “sales” person from a “sales-y” person.

15:33 — Has AI affected employment in the financial services industry?

20:03 — What events led Wittich to leave Broadridge and get involved with a conversational AI (chatbots) for financial services startup, FinnAI

26:15 — Hear about Wittich’s latest venture, Top Line Focus, a fintech consulting firm.

30:12 — See the importance of the fintech sector from Wittich’s perspective. Can it prevent another financial crisis?

40:00 — Which woman would Wittich put on the $1 bill?