Episode 50: Victoria Flores

Winning the Weed Hustle

Victoria Flores lux beauty

Anyone who creates a product knows how important a supply chain is, especially if you lose control of it. 

That’s what happened to Flores in her first entrepreneurial venture. Starting with creating hair extensions — after a long stint in financial services — Flores and her partner found that importing hair first from China and later India provided challenges in quality and logistics.

Her “come to Jesus” moment involved a business pivot to an entirely new product for the customers she already attracted with her hair extensions. Enter her mid-tier line of CBD-infused beauty products, Victoria Flores, our fiftieth guest, shares lessons galore.

Lux Beauty Club is a brand of holistic beauty products that are “from farm to shelf.” Flores and her team directly oversee the entire process to ensure the best quality as well as total control over their supply chain. Find out how she navigates an industry that is still illegal on the federal level during this episode of SheVentures.

Key Moments

3:30 — Flores reveals what drew her to the world of finance, as well as how, even though she didn’t experience much of it, sexual harassment was prevalent. 

7:31 — The 2008 financial crisis had a profound impact on everyone. Listen as Flores describes how it affected her career path.

9:47 — Flores becomes a co-founder in Lux Beauty Club. Spoiler alert: It’s all about hair extensions and snagging a man! 

13:29 — CBD products were a natural progression for Flores since she used them, but how do you turn it into a business? Flores gives a detailed, strategic business analysis of the changeover. 

15:43 — When Flores was finding it difficult to raise capital, one man came into the picture and turned it all around: “He just seemed to give it more credibility, I guess, which is fine with me.” 

20:01 — The supply chain is integral to her business model. Flores reveals how she vets with whom her company works and how important it is to be involved at every level.

26:21 — Flores reveals the biggest challenge in her industry today.

28:47 — What does Flores see happening in the marijuana landscape in light of the 2020 elections?

32:07 — With an industry that’s ever-changing and ultra-competitive, how is Lux Beauty Club defining itself?

34:28 — Flores loves mentoring other women through WE NYC and gives stellar advice on pivoting careers.

38:58 — Why does Flores want Oprah on the $1 bill?