Episode 5: Yi-Hsian Godfrey

Yi-Hsian Godfrey Ditches 9 to 5 to Disrupt Home-Care Recruitment

Former American Express marketing executive Yi-Hsian Godfrey yearned to create a business that would help ease the all too common struggle with work-life balance.

Godfrey co-founded Apiari — a play on the word apiary, or beehive — an AI-driven home-care “colony” that offers vetted, experienced part-time housekeeping and childcare help for parents. Godfrey and her co-founders built an online matching platform that eliminates the time and stress of interviewing countless candidates for essential part-time positions.

How does she balance motherhood with the roller-coaster ride of startup life?

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Key Moments

  • 4:10 — Find out why Yi-Hsian Godfrey pivoted from a stable career as a marketing executive at American Express to entrepreneurship.
  • 15:08 Co-founders are bound to disagree. Godfrey gives the lowdown on how they can reach a consensus.
  • 22:27 Common challenges of courting startup investors.
  • 27:01 — “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Godfrey elaborates on how to save oneself from workplace burnout.
  • 34:53 Rather than fixate on what she can’t change, Godfrey capitalizes on what can drive her business forward.
  • 41:43 — Find out ways in which Godfrey feels female entrepreneurs can help each other in this nebulous market. (Spoiler: There’s a supper club!)
  • 52:44 — Think there’s only one type of home care you might need when you have children? Think again. Godfrey talks about the many challenges that can arise.
  • 60:38 — Godfrey talks about the woman she admires most, and what she would say to her if given the chance.

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