Episode 49: Sally Outlaw

Female Disruptor Takes on the “System”

worthy bonds sally outlaw

Sally Outlaw created something remarkable. She took on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to be able to make a bond that yields a 5 percent return, and can be bought in $10 increments. Her company, Worthy Peer Capital, reinvests that money as a loan to small U.S. businesses. What happens if a company defaults? Outlaw invests only in asset-backed/inventory-based companies, so Worthy would theoretically recoup any losses.

Making bonds understandable and accessible, as well as providing customers an app to easily withdraw or add money, is a pioneering concept in the financial services industry. Outlaw speaks about helping the 99 percent gain financial security.

Find out about her early career as a documentary maker and how she took on the SEC on this episode of SheVentures. 

Key Moments

1:57 — An important note: Outlaw tells us exactly what a bond is. (Hint: It’s not something you share with your pets!)

4:29 — Outlaw reveals how her father helped her get into film, and talks about spending an incredible 10 years on the ground in what was the former Soviet Union making documentaries about perestroika.

7:55 — What were the reasons Outlaw gave up documentary reels for a career pivot to real estate and then to crowdfunding?

11:57 — Outlaw’s crowdfunding platform, Peer Backers, was born to address a need in the market. Listen to Outlaw describe how it grew, and how it led to her first book.

14:47 — Shockingly (or not) there is huge inequity toward women obtaining angel or VC funding. Outlaw describes how this planted the seed for WorthyPeer Capital. 

18:35 — What is the round-up feature and what are the three ways you can invest in Worthy bonds?

21:05 — Outlaw is candid about the difficulties she faced when starting Worthy Peer Capital, and gives stellar advice for budding entrepreneurs. 

24:22 — How do Worthy bonds actually work? 

30:05 — What role did the 2008 financial crisis play in Outlaw’s business? 

36:43 — Where does Outlaw see herself and her business a year from now?