Episode 47: Nicole Dahlstrom

FemTech Connect

Femtech collective founder Nicole Dahlstrom

A pioneer in her field who started in her early 20s, Nicole Dahlstrom is leveling the playing field for female-health related startups across the U.S. and beyond. 

Dahlstrom is the founder of FemTech Collective, a 500 female-founder strong network that connects innovators in female-focused health tech through events, media, and an online platform. It’s a place for women to join forces and strive to solve bias and barriers to entry in the tech industry.

Listen as Dahlstrom discusses these barriers, especially when it comes to female sexual health and the stigma surrounding it. All this and so much more, on SheVentures.

Key Moments

  • 5:24 — Growing up in Iowa, find out who had the biggest influence on young Dahlstrom. 
  • 8:17 — Dahlstrom reveals the eye-opening question from her younger sister that steered her in the direction of FemTech. 
  • 10:18 — Oh yeah, just what is FemTech anyway? Dahlstrom gives us the lowdown.
  • 12:25 — Despite well over 50 percent of funding going to male business owners in the FemTech sector, Dahlstrom discusses the positive changes she’s seeing. 
  • 18:03 — Dahlstrom talks tech in relation to women’s sexual health, and why there’s such a stigma surrounding any tech that pleasures a woman — including her own experiences at a panel event.
  • 24:53 — EVE, a FemTech accelerator in Tel Aviv, came to life after FemTech Collective’s involvement in one of its conferences focused on health. Listen as Dahlstrom divulges how it began. 
  • 28:10 — Where are the biggest gaps in the women’s health industry today? “There are still so many people who don’t realize that they’re settling for a status quo.” 
  • 31:38 — Dahlstrom gives us the scoop on which FemTech products are going to have the biggest impact in 2020.
  • 35:43 — Interested in or in need of FemTech? Dahlstrom discusses how women can get involved in ways, big and small.
  • 40:10 — So what happens when you join FemTech Collective and how does it help the FemTech community?