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Episode 44: Daniella Stromberg

Building a Holistic Day Spa

Daniella Stromberg

New York is the backdrop of Daniella Stromberg’s tale, pushing her toward peace in a chaotic world. She saw beauty in the streets, admired the elegance of prostitutes and transvestites, seen through the eyes of a young girl through the window shades of her mother’s Greenwich Village studio apartment. Stromberg sought out her own luxurious bubble in a city of grit.

From working with the one percent to opening her own holistic day spa in the heart of Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, Stromberg’s travels and her study of kinesiology inspired her vision for her spa business. The holistic luxury spa, D’Mai Urban Spa, is Stromberg and her patrons’ escape from the hectic rush of the city.

Stromberg was recently honored by the Brooklyn borough president as a leading businesswoman, notably one who gives back to diverse and under-served Brooklyn communities. Learn how she and her wife built the business in part by hand, why she used her own apartment as collateral on her small-business loans, and so much more on this episode of SheVentures.

Key Moments

  • 5:11 — Stromberg fills us in on how her love of luxury at a young age led her to study kinesiology at the City University of New York. 
  • 10:05 — Working with the one percent on a personal-client basis led Stromberg to realize what she wanted to do in life. Listen to how she went against the digital grain and created a brick-and-mortar business. Her goal: To create a destination that welcomed women instead of speaking to their perceived “inadequacies” and “insecurities.”
  • 12:39 — Discover how a trip to Indonesia motivated Stromberg to adopt a different wellness ideology — one that celebrates women — when she created her business plan for D’Mai Urban Spa.
  • 16:01 — A lack of a business background didn’t slow her down. Discover how Stromberg built her business by aesthetics, senses, and YouTube videos, and how she and her wife physically constructed around 35 percent of the business. 
  • 21:25 — Stromberg took on a business partner simply because she didn’t want to do it alone. Having learned from the experience, she shares important qualities to look for in a co-founder.
  • 25:14 — After deciding to turn the front “lounge” of her spa into an apothecary, Stromberg discusses how she has shunned the online world twice, selling independent brands mostly made by women that you can’t find on Amazon or elsewhere on the Internet.
  • 28:22 — A day spa might seem like nothing but relaxation, but for the business owner, there are plenty of challenges. Stromberg reveals her biggest ones to date. 
  • 31:20 — Stromberg speaks about any small-business owner’s dreaded moment. She endured an audit and a lawsuit.
  • 36:06 — As a female business owner, Stromberg divulges her experience with blind sexism in the beauty industry. “When given the choice, every single vendor or provider would rather have dealt with my male business partner than me. Every single time.”
  • 40:21 — Think business is a dog eat dog world? Think again. Stromberg shares how she helped a woman set up a spa in the same area, not letting the fear of competition affect her.

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