Episode 43: Jen Thoden

Cashing In on Colors

jen thoden your color style

Imagine losing a 9-year-old daughter to cancer, facing a divorce, and dealing with mounting financial struggles. Jen Thoden’s world was gray — and in need of a transformation. 

A chance upload of an ebook for window dressing helped Thoden identify a gap in the market. Novices wanted instructions on how to create window dressings. She delved into her first successful ebook entrepreneurial venture from her garage while raising three children. 

One day after her divorce, Thoden caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. The death of her daughter, the end of her marriage, and the unyielding demands of her business and growing children took their toll on Thoden both physically and mentally. 

Thoden knew she needed to pivot to survive, so she turned to color. Her business, Your Color Style, helps thousands of women (and men!) identify what colors work best for them, accounting for their personality and other personal details. Every month Thoden helps her customers regain their confidence through the way they dress and accessorize. 

Key Moments

  • 4:09 — After losing her daughter to cancer and braving a divorce, Jen Thoden discusses how an epiphany about color changed her life.
  • 9:01 — Thoden describes how she used search-engine optimization (SEO) to its full advantage in her first blog, “Outfit Ideas for You.” 
  • 14:05 — Thoden reveals how she created her first ebook — drawing on her fine arts degree for the first time in years — and how she built an online store in her garage.
  • 18:20 — Learn how Thoden handled a business nearly alone while raising three children, one of whom was terminally ill. 
  • 22:01 — Thoden reveals her advice for work/life balance, whether you’re male or female. Hint: Burnout can be a killer
  • 26:28 — Delegating responsibility is essential yet difficult for many business founders. How did Thoden learn to let go?
  • 30:47 — Thoden gives the lowdown on her business, and how it’s helping people all over the country. 
  • 36:24 — Have you examined your relationship to color? Are you the type of person who wears only black and gray? Thoden explains how she inspires others to dress outside of their “same old.”
  • 41:03 — While she promotes products on her Facebook group, Thoden explains why she doesn’t focus on affiliate marketing for her business.
  • 44:40 — Thoden’s advice for first-time entrepreneurs? “Don’t quit your day job if you can’t pay your bills, buy food, and pay your utilities.”