Episode 40: Reesy Floyd-Thompson

Prisoner’s Wife Turned Digital Entrepreneur

Find out how Reesy Floyd-Thompson handled the stigma and financial challenges that came with her husband’s prison sentence. Today, she helps other prison spouses acclimate, provides tips on how to survive financial hardship, and reveals her top marketing tips for free. Find out how she balanced her life while building a superstar marketing career on this episode of SheVentures.

Key Moments

4:00 — What events led up to the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Reesy Floyd-Thompson’s husband in 2005?

7:01 — “It was all about him. I never stopped to think about how it was going to affect my life.” Floyd-Thompson reveals the impact of her husband being  in prison.

9:50 — Listen as she provides key takeaways for other women who are faced with an imprisoned spouse.

12:35 — Floyd-Thompson founded Prisoners’ Wives, Girlfriends, and Partners to help spouses acclimate to their new situation with resources and a support network.

15:45 — How did being a prison inmate’s wife prepare her for entrepreneurship? Hint: It includes crazy side hustles, low-paying jobs, and a mentor who helped her succeed.

20:14 — Floyd-Thompson describes I Am My Story, her online marketing seminar, which resulted from Floyd-Thompson finding power in the authenticity of her own story and voice.

25:37 — Find out how Wonder Woman inspires Floyd-Thompson to learn her professional and personal value and how she uses this concept in her work.

29:28 — Floyd-Thompson shares her biggest wins since entering digital marketing and reveals her top two marketing tips.

34:20 — What mistakes do rookie digital marketers make?

36:44 —  After her husband’s time in prison, Floyd-Thompson and her hubby briefly divorced and then remarried. Find out why they split and what reunited them.