Episode 4: Jen Groover

Jen Groover Overcame Childhood Trauma to Build a Business Empire

Jen Groover’s been through it all and has the emotional growth to prove it. Rather than letting her troubled childhood with an abusive, alcoholic father defeat her, she used it to shape her view of life, business, and finances. A motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Groover is a strong advocate for human potential, as well as for the success of women.

Complete organ failure at 26 from overexertion made her realize how negative patterns were harming her. Read about how she transformed herself and about her latest venture, Empowered Eyewear.


Key Moments

  • 1:42 — “We can transform our pain into our purpose and empower ourselves even through the struggles.” Jen Groover discusses how her childhood shaped her career aspects today.
  • 9:09 — Groover gives advice to any woman who may be experiencing the pain and trauma that she and her mother went through, sharing tips for how to break away from the abuse.
  • 12:33 — “I have more fear of regret then I do of failure.” Groover reveals how to handle the fear of starting a business.
  • 26:19 — Find out how Groover built her Butler Bag business from the ground up, came up with her business model, and learned to market it.
  • 44:22 — Tips for how women can step up their game when it comes to entrepreneurship, and what men have been doing all along that women need to embrace.
  • 52:42 — Groover’s recipe for success? Be your authentic self. Check out what that means to her.

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