Episode 34: Nikita Gupta

Remote Internship Tech? The Future of 9 to 5

From a cooking blog to the future of the gig economy and a contingent workforce, what Nikita Gupta has accomplished in 23 years is remarkable. 

She first realized her love for computer science when her dad fostered her entrepreneurial spirit by helping her set up her own cooking site. Now, with a bachelor’s in computer science from Cornell University and a coveted internship at Apple under her belt, Gupta co-founded and is currently the CTO of Symba, an online platform for virtual internships.

Listen to this #GirlsInSTEM advocate’s story on Episode 34 of SheVentures


Key Moments

  • 3:32 — Is it necessary to be good at math to pursue a career in coding?
  • 6:23 — Nikita Gupta reveals the factors at play that deter young women from entering into the STEM field and how she is making a difference.
  • 8:38 — Gupta was hired for a coveted internship with Apple before her senior year. She shares the secret to getting her foot in the door and how listeners can do it, too.
  • 11:27 — Gupta and SheVentures host Doria Lavagnino discuss the integral role that LinkedIn plays in today’s job market and how to use the online tool to your advantage. 
  • 13:16 — What’s it like working at Apple, really?
  • 16:30 — Gupta discusses her company Symba’s original goal and how it has changed through the years since it was founded. 
  • 19:53 — How can you, as a company, use Symba? Gupta runs us through the process. 
  • 23:08 — Find out how an accelerator can help your startup get off the ground in no time — but only if you put the effort into it. 
  • 28:25 — Gupta discusses Symba’s goals for the rest of this year into 2020, how the tool was built, and what the most challenging part of entrepreneurship is.