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Episode 31: Lauren Brody

The Fifth Trimester

Lauren Brody The Fifth Trimester

How do you handle the demands of the real world while also coping with the tiny human you just birthed? From executive editor at Glamour magazine to author of The Fifth Trimester — all about the birth of the working mom — and mentor for working mothers everywhere, Lauren Brody has learned her worth, and can help you find yours.

On this episode of SheVentures, learn how U.S. maternity leave sucks, how you as a new mom can navigate the working world, and how as a business owner you can make it easier for your postpartum employees.

Key Moments:

02:55 — Despite feeling like she’s not built to be an entrepreneur, listen as Brody describes her pivot from glossy magazines to authorship.

9:00 — Even though she helped other women do so at the time, Brody had to learn her own worth the hard way when dealing with a big company who wanted her to speak for free.

12:06 — What are the fourth and fifth trimesters post pregnancy that Brody refers to?

18:26 — Listen as Brody discusses how the fifth trimester affects mothers from all backgrounds.

23:09 — 71 percent of women fight more with their partners after giving birth. For some, it’s the beginning of the end of their marriage. Others find a way to work together.

28:39 — The only countries with worse maternity leave conditions than the U.S. are Papua New Guinea and Suriname, according to Brody’s research. The 12-week unpaid leave here was only supposed to be temporary — Brody gives potential solutions.

35:15 — Brody discusses the pros and cons of small businesses paying benefits for their employees.

40:24 — How can all companies create a sustainable, family-friendly workplace culture? Be aware of the motherhood penalty and how it can negatively impact women’s earning potential.

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