Outlaw Soaps CEO Danielle Vincent: From Oprah to Soap-rah

Episode 28: Danielle Vincent

From Oprah to Soap-rah

Outlaw Soaps CEO Danielle Vincent

Unhappy with her senior management positions at ABC and The Oprah Network, Danielle Vincent had a “fuck it” moment that couldn’t have come a moment too soon. Leaving the big bucks and job security behind, Vincent went out on a limb and opened her own handmade soap company, Outlaw Soaps. Imagine a lone cowboy or cowgirl wandering into a new town with a fistful of dollars and the accompanying swagger to boot. That’s what Vincent is selling — and to date, she has 20,000 customers to show for it.

Find out the secret to her success and her happiness on this episode of SheVentures. Money can’t buy you happiness, and our latest guest can truly attest to that.


Key Moments

  • 4:56 — Find out how being promoted to a senior product manager at ABC became Danielle Vincent’s “fuck it” moment.
  • 8:00 — What was the working culture like at Oprah? Ommmmmm.
  • 14:53 — Vincent immediately went from a moment of total power and pride in her job at Oprah to feeling bored AF, leading her to start Outlaw Soaps. Learn what finally catapulted Vincent to change.
  • 17:42 — What the heck is a “purple squirrel,” and why did being called one lead Vincent to falsely believe she was getting a new job at CNN?
  • 19:30 — Discover how a chance encounter with a bar of goat-milk soap (no, really!) spawned her love for soaps and the way they made her feel, eventually leading to her found Outlaw Soaps.
  • 22:01 — What spoke to Vincent about the Wild, Wild West, and why did she model her soaps after so many western tropes?
  • 25:08 — Vincent discusses the growth of her business from the outset and gives advice to those thinking of starting out on their own.
  • 30:07 — How did Vincent grow her social media following, and how can you market your business successfully?
  • 36:42 — Being married to your customers and treating them right is a necessity in business. Learn how Vincent’s 20,000 customers are actively involved in the brand — leaving reviews and ratings of products — and how this community involvement has bloomed business for Outlaw.
  • 42:01 — Listen as Vincent describes the heartbreaking start to writing her book You-nicorn, when she battled with a self-described nervous breakdown and came out victorious.
  • 46:42 — Vincent and SheVentures host Doria Lavagnino discuss the complicated relationship that women have with power and the ways you can overcome that voice in your head telling you to be quiet.

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