Dating Coach Lily Womble Shares Tips for Dating Brazenly

Episode 27: Lily Womble

Date Brazenly

Dating Coach Lily Womble Shares Tips for Dating Brazenly

Tired of going on crappy dates, deleting one dating app after the next in the quest to find “the one”? Lily Womble, former matchmaker turned dating coach, has been there.

Despite being a top matchmaker at a large firm in the U.S., Womble was disappointed with her clients’ level of success — and grappling with her own toxic romance. By speaking to hundreds of women and getting personal, Womble discovered techniques and tools that led her to create Date Brazen, a date-coaching community. On this episode of SheVentures, find out what the heck a dating coach does and how she can help.


Key Moments

  • 1:45 — What is dating really like for women in 2019? Lily Womble gives the lowdown.
  • 6:46 — How do you become a matchmaker, anyway?
  • 10:04 — Only 5 percent of her clients in the matchmaking company had achieved success. This spurred Womble to fill a quality gap in the market.
  • 12:26 — Discover how Date Brazen works and how Womble could help you if you’re looking for long-term love.
  • 19:10 — How do you market a business that is seen as superficial?
  • 24:05 — Just how much did a toxic relationship affect Womble and her career path?
  • 26:43 — What is the typical age range of Date Brazen’s clients?
  • 30:19 — Listen to Womble’s advice for other aspiring female entrepreneurs.

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