Episode 25: Marisa Ricciardi

How to Succeed in Business

SheVentures Episode 25: How to Succeed in Business With Marisa Ricciardi

If you look up “pivot” in the dictionary, Marisa Ricciardi’s picture should be front and center. From an intern at a white-shoe financial services firm to a business development and marketing executive, Ricciardi climbed the ladder one hard-earned step at a time.  Now, as founder and CEO of the Ricciardi Group in New York, she discusses company acquisitions, being competitive with yourself, and the ways in which the marketing world has changed in the post-digital era. Listen to her experiences and advice on this episode of SheVentures.


Key Moments

  • 3:29 — Marisa Ricciardi was a junior associate with Dean Witter, the company that later merged with Morgan Stanley. Discover what she learned about company mergers.
  • 07:19 — Once she moved to the advertising giant Omnicom as an account director in charge of major companies, Ricciardi learned some key lessons.
  • 10:28 — Did being a woman help her bring a different perspective to her work with larger accounts?
  • 16:50 — Listen as she discusses the benefits of being competitive with yourself. “I realized that that’s part of what makes me tick — when you do feel a little bit overwhelmed with all that’s happening and it keeps you on your toes.”
  • 20:33 — Ricciardi addresses the budding popularity of fintech companies and talks about whether it’s disrupting older brands’ successes.
  • 24:35 — Revealed: some of the tricks behind marketing to different generations, from Generation Z to baby boomers.
  • 26:20 — With such a kick-ass career, why did Ricciardi pivot and start her own business, anyway?
  • 31:25 — Ricciardi gives her best advice to any young woman starting out her career in today’s world: “Raise your hand. Advocate for yourself.”