Precious L. Williams Teaches Women to Have a Badass Pitch

Episode 24: Precious L. Williams

How to Have a Badass Pitch

Do you want to be a bad bitch with a power pitch? That’s what Precious L. Williams is selling — helping women (and only women!) have the confidence to pitch and build their businesses. Williams pivots include going from being an attorney to being the founder and CEO of Curvy Girlz Lingerie and then to becoming a killer pitch master and professional speaker with 13 pitch competition wins under her belt — including an enviable appearance on Shark Tank.

Despite her battles with alcoholism, mental disorders, and homelessness, Williams embraces her past trauma to fuel her current success. Listen as she gets real about stigmatization and self-confidence, and as she provides, well, killer tips for public speaking, all on this episode of SheVentures.


Key Moments

  • 1:30 — Not even two minutes in, and Precious L. Williams delivers her killer 30-second elevator pitch for Perfect Pitches by Precious. “Do you want to be a bad bitch with a power pitch?”
  • 4:20 — Discover why Williams decided to work exclusively with women on their pitches. The answer is simpler than you may think.
  • 09:46 — When faced with a boardroom full of white men, Williams doesn’t bridge the gap. Instead, she finds a commonality with them to sell her product. Listen to find out how she did it and overcame the naysayers who told her she was “too fat” for success.
  • 14:15 — Williams divulges what it was like being on Shark Tank, an entrepreneurial-based reality TV show, where she showcased her “pitch master” skills nationally.
  • 18:01 — Even after 24 years as a professional speaker, shit happens. Williams gives details of an instance in Nova Scotia when she was the only speaker of color, and despite various snafus, she managed to knock her speech out of the park.
  • 21:35 — Public speaking can be debilitating. Williams reveals her top tips for anyone preparing to speak in public, to help avoid sweat and panic.
  • 27:00 — Homeless and battling alcohol addiction, Williams found the courage to turn her life around. Listen to her lowest points, and the advice she openly gives to anyone struggling with their own demons.
  • 33:12 — An advocate for self-confidence and pulling yourself up, Williams tells us why she is unique in a crowded space of motivational speakers.
  • 38:14 — With two courses up and running, #BrandYou and #BookedAndBusy, there’s no shortage of ways you can learn from Williams, no matter your level of public speaking. Listen to find out more about them both.

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