Laura Rebell Gross Discusses Shaping the Future #GirlBoss

Episode 23: Laura Rebell Gross

Shaping the Future #GirlBoss

Laura Rebell Gross’s parents instilled female empowerment in her from a young age. Now she is shaping the lives of countless underserved, low-income young women as the Managing Director of Girls’ Education at Student Leadership Network, overseeing five all-girls public schools (The Young Women’s Leadership Schools) in NYC and 15 affiliate schools nationally. Listen as she talks about female-focused events, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama, and what she has learned from her students.


Key Moments

  • 3:40 — Learn why Laura Rebell Gross’s father, one of her greatest inspirations and heroes, sued New York State on behalf of New York City schoolchildren — and how he won $10 billion.
  • 6:07 — Gross repeatedly called Ann Rubenstein Tisch, the founder of The Young Women’s Leadership School in East Harlem, until she was able to get a position teaching in her school.
  • 10:15 —As Managing Director of Girls’ Education at the Young Women’s Leadership Schools, Gross and the organization affect the lives of over 18,000 students from underserved families in New York. Find out what “underserved” actually means.
  • 14:22 — For Gross, no work is as vital as the role of college counselors at Young Women’s Leadership Schools. Discover how they shape the lives of their students.
  • 22:35 — Gross describes events the girl’s education team organizes throughout the year, including an event called Cool Women, Hot Jobs, which aims to show young women all the professional possibilities available to them.
  • 28:09 — Oprah spoke at the school’s first graduation ceremony. Listen as Gross talks about that honor.
  • 32:50 — Gross provides advice for anyone coming from underserved communities.
  • 37:00 — “Fail forward” is one of the phrases that Gross lives by. She tells SheVentures how she has failed many times in life and will continue to fail. What matters is what you do next.
  • 41:55 — How can women do a better job of advocating for themselves? Listen to find out Gross’s secret.

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