Lydia Liebman: Grammys, Entrepreneurship, and All That Jazz

Episode 21: Lydia Liebman

Grammys, Entrepreneurship, and All That Jazz

Imagine representing not one, but two consecutive Grammy-nominated (including one Grammy winner) clients before you even hit 30? For Lydia Liebman, that became a reality this year when she saw herself at the Grammys for the second time in a row. Born to two successful musicians, Liebman was immersed in the jazz scene from the get-go. She took jazz vocal lessons at age 10, but she quickly realized that a life working her magic behind the scenes was more up her alley.

Liebman began her PR career by helping friends and musicians in college, and she’s never looked back. She is dedicated to amplifying female jazz musicians in a male-dominated industry with Lydia Liebman Promotions. Find out how she makes it all happen on this episode of SheVentures.


Key Moments

  • 3:45 — Growing up in the Poconos exposed Lydia Liebman to the vibrant art scene.
  • 7:11 — Should young, musical people pursue a career in the performing arts? Liebman gives advice for anyone who is unsure. “There is no magic bullet for success.”
  • 15:58 — While the statistics for women in the music industry are appalling, Liebman argues that the driving force behind the music industry is women, even though the “boys club” mentality is still prevalent. Listen to her describe an irksome interaction with a famous male jazz musician.
  • 22:02 — Only 9.3 percent of Grammy-nominated artists between 2013 and 2018 were women. With two Grammy-nominated clients, Liebman discusses what men are doing that women aren’t in this industry.
  • 26:43 — Liebman discusses the percentage of male to female clients in her business, and how important it is for her to lobby for women in the jazz world.
  • 30:12 — In any industry, it is vital that women support each other. Liebman discusses her right-hand woman, Niamh White, and how instrumental White’s support is in Liebman’s running a successful business.
  • 36:11 — Ever wondered how much it costs to run a Grammy-lobbying campaign? Liebman gives us the lowdown.
  • 42:36 — What are the biggest challenges Liebman faces in the jazz world? Being a woman, but also being young.
  • 48:22 — “Block out the bullshit!” Liebman reveals how she deals with criticism and pressure in the “biz.”
  • 53:04 — Find out what Lydia Liebman Promotions has in store for us this coming year.

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