SheVentures is a podcast featuring bold women who don’t ask for permission.

Each episode is a candid interview exploring career or life wins and snafus. You’ll hear actionable tips from every guest.

An Olympian turned money coach, a marketer turned cannabis entrepreneur, and a military spouse turned small business owner are just a few of the women who have shaped their futures and shared their hope, humor, hardships, and how-tos. You will laugh, cry, relate, and feel welcome in our extraordinary community of kick-ass women.

Thanks for joining us. If you have a woman you’d like us to consider for the podcast, let us know.

You will
laugh, cry, relate, and feel welcome
in our extraordinary community of kick- ass women.
Doria Lavagnino


Doria Lavagnino

The seeds of SheVentures were sown after my own career pivot from an editor at Condé Nast to a co-founder of a financial literacy start-up in my mid-40s.

I created SheVentures to support, mentor, and guide women through life 2.0. Why? When I had children and changed careers midstream, there were times I felt my life was a complete shitshow compared to other women I knew.

Let’s get real: The further we forge into our careers, the more likely we are to be the only woman in an executive meeting. Add children, a partner, and caring for aging parents into the mix, and it’s easy to feel isolated, overwhelmed, and plain burned-out. SheVentures explores how other women handle these real-life changes.

I also believe in the power of storytelling to build community, celebrate accomplishments, and focus on the challenges we face. Change starts when women find our voices — in the boardroom or at home — and muster the courage to risk the comfort of the status quo and start to take steps to make our dreams a reality.

The women I’ve had the honor to interview energize and inspire me. I hope they will do the same for you.

Kelly Brown


Kelly Meehan Brown

Growing up, I was taught “little girls should be seen and not heard.” Not anymore. I believed in the mission of SheVentures so strongly, I felt compelled to join the team just after the podcast’s conception in 2018. I want to see every woman scream their accomplishments from the rooftops, and I am so happy that SheVentures is helping us do that. This isn’t a man’s world any longer!